Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

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these boots

...are made for kicking ass.

Actually, they're hunting boots I've had for... 6 years?!? damn. It's been a long time, so I suppose they've lived up to their over $100 price tag. The thing I really dislike is the comments I get "oh, I can't see you" "oh where's your feet?" bleh. Gee, that's funny I haven't heard that one in a good 5.. minutes.

But they're warm and have traction and when the temperature drops, they're my only footwear, no matter what else I'm wearing. Sure they're salt stained, sure the leather is wearing out, and I noticed the other day that huge gaping chunks of the soles are gone. But they really can't be beat, and it takes so long to break a pair of boots in...

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