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hotel room view
Went to see Haha for the surgery. It went pretty well, they came out of it sore, groggy, and tired but otherwise ok. After a 2-day hospital stay, they were able to go home. They did have to see a doctor every day the week after, and every other day the 2nd week. They stayed at their parent's place unti lthe day before I left, when one of their friends flew out to take care of them for a week. That friend just left yesterday. I talked to Haha last night, and everything seems to be okay recovery-wise. However, they will need chemo and radio sometime soonish. After the surgery heals, in fact. No specific timeline right now, as they have some serious buising that needs to heal first. Oncologist appointment next week to discuss.

TP dispenser
The trip itself was horrendous. Outgoing, the timing was tight - only 30m between flights. Yeah, we spent 1.5 hours in a holding pattern due to weather, so I missed that flight. All they did was tell me to go to customer service. Stood in line for that with a bunch of angry people, and they gave me a $25 flight credit, $10 airport food voucher, and a number to call to get a room. I went to one airport bar/food place, but was informed that their kitchen was closed. WTF. So I ended up at Popeye's. Ugh, that food is awful. But I was hungry, so I ate some. Had to make a couple calls such as Haha and the number for a room. Then I called on crappy airport phones to get a shuttle, and waited for it in the rain with a bunch of other angry, tired travelers. Got on the shuttle at last, and stood in line for a room. They were nearly at capacity, but all I wanted was to sleep so I took what they had. The room was awful, I couldn't believe how low the TP dispenser was.

Straw Paper Art
I crashed around 12:30am or so, and got up at 3:30am or so in order to get showered and catch the shuttle back to the airport to stand in huge lines for an hour or more to get through security so I could sit and wait for my early flight. Grabbed some airport snack shop food and finally got on the plane. Arrived, walked out just in time to see relatives pulling up. Got in and went straight to the hospital. Was able to see Haha before they went in. Went and got food. Pretty good Thai, as it turns out. Amazing paper art on the water glass's straw. Went back and waited and waited and waited. Finally got the first surgery summary, then waited and waited. Finally got the second surgery summary. Then waited and waited. Finally got to see them and say hi before most of us left for the night. Other relatives and friends stayed for a few more hours. We went and had pretty good BBQ for dinner, then I was dropped off at Haha's house at last. Crashed pretty quickly.

The next couple days were a blur of hospital and relative and doctor visits. I managed to get Haha's new DSL working, watch some hockey, and take a few naps in there as well. Not much of note, really.

Chicago from the air
I left early in the morning, I think relative picked me up around 4am. Got home by noon, and to work by noon 30 or so. Didn't have much to do, so left and went back home to relax and unpack. Incoming that night.

Samsung a920
I didn't really detail it, but my new phone rocks pretty hard. There are several annoyances, but overall it is a big step up. The Samsung a920 is worth looking at, for sure. It came with a crappy small 32MB TransFlash. Riiiiight. So I got a 1Gig TransFlash the other day at Fry's. Much better, although I haven't taken much time to make use of it yet. I can put music and movies on it, as well as store pictures. The camera says I have room for 3122 1.3 MP pics. Nice. I got a bunch of games for it, so it is handy to occupy some time when I'm waiting or bored.

I ordered a Sony PSP Value Pack and 1Gig MemoryStick Pro Duo just before I left Haha's. It came in Fri. I went out and bought 7 games plus some accessories - UMD holder, 2GB MS P D. It rocks. I can't believe how clear and bright the screen is. I've been playing Untold Legends: Brotherhood Of The Blade quite a bit, since it's pretty much Diablo in a handheld. I'm also playing Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee, GripShift, and Lumines. It came with 1.51 or 1.52 firmware, and I upgaded it to 2.00 in order to run SSX On Tour and Tokobots. PQ still doesn't play. Oh well, I'm not upgrading any further right now just in case I want the 1.5 functionality. I haven't done all the research yet on exactly what I need to get, but I know 2.00 is the last safe version. I'm unsure whether PiMP or the commercial UMD Media Player is better - I want to be able to watch DivX/h.264 movies on it. In any case, I've been playing the hell out of it. Fun toy. I'm trying to convince my coworker to get one so we can play BotB multiplayer.

Dell Inspiron E1705
And then there's the BIG toy. My shiny new laptop, Dell Inspiron E1705. It is huge, it doesn't really fit in my backpack. It is beautiful and sharp. I haven't done much with it yet, though. All that crap Dell installs be default, plus the initial set up and registration and updates and all the reboots... Yeah, that ate 2 hours the other night, and I haven't felt like dealing it with again yet. I may have to start over, I'm not sure yet. Once it is set up, it should rock though. I just need to take the time to do so. It's got built-in WiFi, BT, DVD-R/W+DL, and a NVidia card. Not to mention the 6 USB 2.0 ports. Oh yessssssss.... And I need to sell my older laptop now.

Don't choke
I suppose that's it for now. Not much else to tell right here right now.
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