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ugh well

woke up from nap by phone... telemarketer from the damn phone company, of all things... went back to sleep, woke up again after the hockey game was over...

I'm starting to get a new pet peeve really strongly. All the HLBs that assault the peeps on camarades. It's lock clockwork, every 3 minutes someone will say something to the effect of "get naked for me." This is stupid. It pisses me off bigtime. And I know the cam peeps get annoyed as well.

At the moment, one of the cams I've been frequenting that I'm watching.... UGH, it pisses me off. The person was all happy and smiling and perhaps a bit flirty earlier... Now they are looking more and more annoyed with each passing second. I haven't seen a smile in quite awhile, and there was a very pissed off expression on their face just now.

People need to grow up. If this kind of shit keeps up, such nice people that allow us a view inside their life will stop doing so. It's nice to complement the person, it's nice to chat with them and flirt. It's not nice to demand that they become your personal free strip show or berate them and start insulting them when they won't.

Now the cam's off.. Who knows if it will ever be back?

Anyway. My day at work was boring. 1 meeting, and a whole lot of nothing. I hope to hear form the boss tomorrow regarding the possible transfer. Of course, I've got a day full of meetings.

Anyway, I think I may have a glass of Irish Creme before I go to bed for real.. Hoping I'll be able to get to sleep.

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