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well isn't that nice?

I was in the middle of doing some things last night... and my cable went out completely...
I thought I took it rather well, I called some friends and chatted using my mobile ld minutes... and spent some time watching some music videos I had DLed... it was relaxing, and I wasn't tied to the pc all night...

Found out that it was an outage in the entire apt complex that they fixed last night... I thought it was because I hadn't paid the bill...

So I got up this morning, went to the cafe and socialized and had breakfast... then went to pay my cable bill, open a new bank account, and shopped a bit at CompUSA and Best Buy...

Got a new Logitech Optical Wheel mouse, a headset for voice chatting, some CDRs, a cd, a dvd, and a mini y splitter.

Time for lunch.

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