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yanked from somewhere, as the original site seems to be unavailable:

The El Hazard Drinking Game

The game, for those who're link-shy:

This game was invented by members of the local anime club, BAKA, specifically by the EMC, the BAKA members who also play characters on Anime-Muck. We tried this game with Paralyzers for the first time. (For the uninformed, that's vodka, coffee liqueur, Coke, and milk. We do NOT recommend this.) We learned that if you try to play this game with anything over 5% alcohol, you will have an empty wallet and/or alcohol poisoning.

The following events are 1 shot each, unless specified otherwise, and occurrences in the credits do count. (3 shots for the opening credits from Episode 2 on).

General Rules: Each main character has one major drinking rule:

* Every time Makoto screams in fear or says, "We're gonna die!"

* Every time Jinnai laughs maniacally or swears.

* Every time Mr. Fujisawa drinks or makes a show of strength (+2 if he names the attack).

* Every time Alielle glomps someone (2 shots for sharing a pearl of El Hazard knowledge that seems blatantly obvious).

* Every time Nanami whines about her life.

* Every time Ifurita destroys a city.

* Every time Fatora screams.

* The Priestesses - every time you see a stock footage transformation sequence. (If all three get one in turn, that's 3 shots!)

Optional Rules:

* 2 shots every time the Eye of God is seen on-screen. (This includes the opening credits.)

* A shot every time Alielle says sister Shayla's name. ("Shayla-Shayla" is 2 shots!)

Specific Rules:
Episode 1:

* Chug for the entire time the purple dino is on-screen. - My personal favorite one; however, I defy anyone to actually do this, simply because it's impossible to watch this scene and not laugh your goddamn head off.

* The palace bathroom: +3 shots.

Episode 2:

* "Red hair!" +3 shots.

If you're still conscious by this point, congratulations. We ran out of alcohol by now. We lost count of Episode 1 somewhere after 60 shots, but Episodes 2 and 3 had approximately 48 and 30 shots, respectively.
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