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Galactus, etc

Lesse... Another week in which I meant to update several times but never seemed to get around to actually doing so.

Monday, I won my first HC tournament via playing. Yay.

Tuesday, I lost HC and MW both. Yay.

Wed, I lost HC. Yay.

Thurs, I won HC against coworker. Yay.

Fri.... I dunno WTF I did.

Sat, I won HC. I got to use Galactus, Dark Phoenix, and Nova against a KC team. It was a blast. Yay.

Sun, I became a Privateer for Pirates and lost HC. The 3rd game I lost by 1 click, so at least it was close. I also got some clearance HC stuff.

I also managed to get some packing done. Books, clothes, and VHS tapes mostly. I put aside some stuff to sell/donate. I'm making some progres, but I still have way too much stuff. I need to sell some things.

For Sale

  • 1 PSX with green case, controller, etc
  • 1 PSOne with tai chi cover, controller, etc
  • 1 DreamCast with VMU, DC->PC cable, games, controllers, gun, etc
  • 1 Deplhi XM MyFi sat radio complete kit
  • 1 Sanyo TV 25 or 27", I forget which
  • 1 Apex DVD player
  • 1 set of old Nintendo Power magazines including strategy guides and such from the NES era
  • 1 set of Thieves World books
  • 2 Konami DDR DX pads - one has a rip in the top cover, but plays fine when taped

Make a serious offer here. I don't mind ebaying the smaller items, but I'd rather just sell direct.

Today, I've had a whole lot of nothing to do at work. I went home for lunch and ended up doing some cleaning just so I'd have something to do. I got back to work and put in my move notifications and such to usps, cable, power, etc. I'm heading home to eat and pick up my HC, then going to the game at 4. After that, I plan on going to a few different game stores to see if they need someone to run Pirates events. I figure I can try to shoehorn a couple games per store in every month and thus increase my envoy status. I want to also get battlemaster, judge, space marshal, and warlord. Why? The free stuff. A level 1 only has to run a single event every 2 months, so it's not a big time commitment. The rewards system means that I can get a full set of each game's current release set if I run enough events. Not a bad deal at all.

I haven't been feeling that great lately, not sure what's wrong this time. I'm getting out more, but still not sleeping well. In fact, I went ahead and shut the alarm off and went back to sleep for an extra hour. In the end, it really didn't matter. I did feel slightly better for having had the extra sleep, though.

Oh yeah, I finally got my phone charger and pirates stuff in from Yakumo. They had sent the stuff to my old address 500 miles away >_< . And I did manage to finally organize my Pirates cards and separate the duplicates so I'm ready to trade.

In case I don't update the rest of the week, I'll be playing HC tonight, Tues, Wed, Sat, Sun at least and probably at home Thurs as well. MW is on Tues, so I may have to choose. GenCon Indy is this week, so I know the games will probably be sparsely attended here. A quick note again to anyone attending a gaming con - if you get a chance to stop by the WizKids booth and pick up some free stuff for me, I'd appreciate it. It doesn't matter which product line (well, except SportsClix), since I'm playing them all. From what I hear, they give out lots of stuff over the weekend so it shouldn't be hard at all. Starting next week, I think HC on tues is moving to thurs. That works out much better for me, since I won't have to choose between them.
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