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Music Non Stop

Music Non Stop
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Saw Kraftwerk last night in Chicago. What a show. The impact of the visuals on the music is impressive. Most of the visuals really add to the song, although there were a few minor exceptions. I loved the transformation of the band throughout the show. They started off in suits for the first set. After the break, they had LED ties on. After the next break, The Robots appeared. Finally, they had the wireframe suits on. The solos at the end were a nice touch. The interesting item I noted was the total lack of crowd interaction, I rather expected some kind of acknowledgement somewhere.

There were a few issues, mostly with the idiots using phonecams and digicams who had to put them up above eye level and stare at them for minutes at a time without covering the too-bright keypads and such. The other major issue was the temperature. It was HOT - probably 95+ oF where we were near the front public section of the balcony. The air was not moving, and it was sweltering. I can't imagine what it was like way up near the back of the balcony.

The drive home wasn't bad at all, despite the late hour and the fact I'd been up for 20+ hours.

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Earlier in the day, we went to MSI and saw Game On. It was an interesting exhibit, and we played various games for about 2 hours. I forgot my phone in the car, so no pics >_< . First up, we played Pong on a projector. I won - barely. Very fun time, and probably the best experience there. Other highlights were playing Discs of Tron again - I got to the multi-level stages before I walked away. Golden Tee Live, which I suck at while my coworker plays nearly daily. There was a crappy old Beatmania 2nd PSX with the old-style controller that I had a coughing fit during play, and a Konami-branded cheap pad with Dancing Stage Party Mix that was okay. The mic for SingStar Party didn't work at all, Wordimagesoundplay sucked, I thought, and I didn't get a chance on Steel Battalions. Overall, it was fun but not really worth $12 for parking plus $14 each to get in plus $5 each to get in the exhibit.

We also went to Mitsuwa for dinner, and had great Ramen and Gyoza. My coworker couldn't believe the difference between real ramen and that prepackaged garbage we get here.

Traffic was typical Chicago traffic - lots of slowdowns for no apparent reason. We did get turned around on the way to the theatre, but recovered pretty well. There were lots of cops out all around during the drive.

We lucked out when we got to the Riviera Theatre. We get there a bit after 7, and the line already streched down the block around the corner and down a ways. We drove past the entrance and found a parallel spot right there down a few dozen yards. It was tight, and they had to climb over the console and out my side due to the door scraping the curb. The line hadn't moved too much by the time we joined it, but it kept stretching until the doors opened and we got inside. We looked around the ground floor a bit, then decided on the balcony. There were a couple seats only a few rows back in the public section, so we ended up with a good view. The concert was sold out, so the place was packed by the time the show started.

I have more pics that I'll add to the photoset sometime soonish.

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