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Dell Axim X50v

I ordered a new toy. New PDA and GPS. Why? Well, my current (free from work) PDA isn't working that well, and the GPS I was using just sold on eBay. Hopefully, the rest of my items will sell and I can break somewhat even on this deal. So, no PSP for awhile for me.

It was nice after work yesterday, the weather was pleasant. I cooked brats and took a misdelivered package to the office. I bet it was someone's PDA returned from service, but I did the right thing and didn't take it for myself. I was poking around on the computer for awhile before I remembered I was cooking and ran out to find smoke pouring out from the grill. The brats were blackened, but still edible and somewhat tasty. I vegged and took the garbage out and cleaned the catbox. I did some part of my exercise routine, and went in to work.

The boss was there, and I got some stuff going before heading in to talk to them. We talked briefly, then they were going to leave so I managed my bit of work for awhile before leaving. I stopped by the store and DQ on the way home. I've decided that when I get ice cream/custard, I'm only going to eat half of it and store the rest in the freezer for another day. This has worked well the past few times I've done it, so I will continue. Oh, I also finally got my CD cashout in, so I went ahead and deposited it.

Got moody last night. I finished the book I had been reading, and started a new (old) one. Finally crashed, and slept okay until the dreaded 4am. I tossed and turned and managed to fall back asleep for a bit before the alarm. I seriously contemplated sleeping in, but decided to get up and go anyway.

Today has been a decent temperature, cloudy, and rainy. If the wind weren't quite so strong, it would be perfect. I'm aching to go home and open the door and let the breeze in.

Went home and had leftover brats for lunch. I've been trying ot keep occupied at work since the boss has been cramping my style by working in my environment. I suppose it'll work out later when I come back in. They delivered BBQ! No one told me. I was at a coworker's desk and they had a cornbread muffin, and I asked them about it. So I went and crashed the room and scored one for myself. I waited until most people had left, and then took a plate of misc BBQ plus that great Devil's Spit sauce back to my desk. That's dinner, oh yes. Free BBQ. I got a little of each type of BBQ they had, since I really have been sticking to the ribs lately.

*yawn* Not much longer before I go home...

Oh, and I think I fixed my friends list template... So both templates should be more-or-less finalized design-wise. I really like them. They retain the previous templates' style, but they're mostly CSS based and look much sharper. As with the previous ones, the big thing is that they try to use the whole screen much more effeciently than most. I like it that way. I'll probably go back eventually and clean up the crappy code bits that are left, but.. they seem to work well for now. Oh, another benefit is that I isolated the tables to individual entries, so one person's bad quiz post shouldn't ruin the entire list.

All these projects.... Not enough energy to work on them all.

hmm coworker is stopping by, gotta run.
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