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Dirty Pair - Damsels In Destruction

I've been meaning to ask people for their addresses. I have a bunch of postcards that I'm contemplating sending out FTHOI. So, I suppose if people want one I'll go ahead and screen comments on this entry so the addresses may be posted and kept private. No promises on when they'll be sent, though.

I spent some time today updating my journal style. I think it looks/works better than the previous one, to be sure. I still have some tweaks to do to clean some things up, and then I'll move on to attempting to apply it to my friends page.... I tried to do something in S2, but I really don't get it. It's too abstracted from me to understand at this point.

Yesterday was bleh. Ended up having decent BBQ lunch and thus missing the catered pizza. Chatted in the afternoon with her_wonderland. Got home to veg and finish off burgers, then went back to work. Didn't have much to do, but talked to the boss and got a few hours of extra brownie point time in. They're behind, they're starting to realize the pressure, and they're scrambling like mad. Not thinking things out, mind you, just throwing people and hours at the problem. Typical.

Got home around 10, and talked for a bit with LittleLove before heading to sleep. Slept okay, had some tossing and turning after 4am. Got up before the alarm again, and got to work to find... Nothing to do. Tried to keep myself busy all morning, and ended up at Chili's alone for lunch. My black bean burger came with crap all over it, so I sent it back. It came back to me with significantly less vegetables, but it was still good. Most of the afternoon has been LJ stylin.

I'll probably leave soon. The CIO is in town again, and I really want to avoid them. I'll probably head to the store for some things before I head home. Dinner will probably be sandwiches. I think I'll get some kitty time in, play Culdcept, read, and otherwise veg for a bit. I may come back if I feel the need to, I'm not sure yet.

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