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Fri at lunch, we discussed our boss and how they weren't very effective as a manager - they don't multitask well, they get distracted easily, they don't really demonstrate leadership and run intereference for their people from the execs, etc. We had a meeting after work in which the boss stated that they were stepping down as manager - for the same reasons we had discussed at lunch. My coworker asked me afterwards if I was wearing a wire at lunch. It was a little surreal. The issue is that they're giving up the other half of the team, and staying with our part as lead. Hopefully, it will mean they are more effective in what they're doing. Hopefully, it will be a good thing.

Me, I'm not holding my breath.

After the meeting, I left work and headed home in a rush. I got some stuff together, wolfed down a couple burgers, and headed out for Chi-town. I managed to beat most of the in-town traffic and got out on the highway with little inicdent. As I approahed the city, however, I started hitting some major slowdowns. I was due to call earthphoenix after 5, and I had hoped to be pretty close by that time. Instead, I ended up about 20 miles out. They were also stuck, so it seemed we might arrive at the same time. An hour or so later, I was 10 miles out. Another hour later, I arrived. At one point, I had just gone through the last toll plaza - the ipass is great, it's so much easier to get through the tolls - and immediately stopped moving. We crawled forward, merging slowly after the tolls. It was then I realized that I needed to piss badly. I tried to hold it, but I started having pain - I really needed to go. I ended up making my way over to an exit and finding a restaurant to stop at to take care of business. Feeling much better, I continued on.

I finally got onto the smaller roads near their place, and I looked over to see the pig car (pictured above). The license plate was "JIMS PIG" and it made oinking noises as it drove along. I got to their street, and started looking for parking. I kept going around and around looking for a place, and finally had to U across traffic to get into a place. I called Earthphoenix but their phone went to voicemail, so I just sat and relaxed for awhile. I had brought some fruit, so I had a snack and watched people/traffic go by. I played a bit with my phone and the PDA. I also ended up walking around the block, and discovered I was practically in front of their building.

Sometime around 8, I called again, and they finally answered. I grabbed my stuff and they got me into the building and their place. We sat for a couple hours, just chatting and hanging out with their friend. We talked about books and music and movies and watched the spanish channel on tv. Eventually, we just faded out.

In the morning, we had to get moving since I was in a meter spot. We tried to find a free spot near the Zoo, but failed. We missed one by 20 seconds or so. We also saw the meter maid waiting for exactly 9am to start a ticketing run, so it was a good thing we made the effort to move before then. We ended up in another meter spot and had to feed it a few times. We headed off to The Original Pancake House for breakfast, and I scored an apple pancake (which was huge) while they had some chocolate chip pancakes. Then we took off on a walk in the park past the zoo, where we saw some fitness event setting up. We ended up at the beach by the lake, and wandered a bit before heading back to check the meter and relax a bit. We ended up watching Young Frankenstein and ordering Thai food. Eventually, the movie was about done and they had to leave for work so I left.

I headed towards the convention, and knew I'd arrived as soon as I got near due to the sheer number of costumers wandering about. I tried to find free or inexpensive parking, but ended up in the $11 convention center garage. I took the skyway in, and as I got closer it got warmer and funkier. The skyway was packed, and the hotel even more so. I finally found a relatively unpacked space in the hotel lobby and scored a seat. I sat and watched, eating a snack bar and taking a few misc photos. Then thenarus walked by, and we chatted breifly before they ran off in pursuit of their con duties. I also saw one of the people from MI, the guy from Fansview, and Nadleman. I wandered a bit trying to locate brianho and some others that I knew, but didn't see them. I ended up getting too claustrophobic and annoyed with all the people and heat and smell and such that I left within 2 hours of my arrival.

So I left, figuring I'd stop by Mitsuwa for some dinner. Somehow, with the GPS and construction I got stuck in the airport parking lot. I asked one of the workers how to get out, and they told me I had to actually go in and get a ticket and then leave within 10 minutes to have no charge. So I did, and finally got over to the market. I ended up with a small bowl of salt ramen, which was different but good. Then I headed home. The drive back was decently quick and uneventful.

I stopped by the store briefly to pick up a lottery ticket, since the jackpot was $111mil. The weather changed noticeably from nice and warm when I left Chi-town to cold and damp and windy when I got home. I did some vegging and stuff and played with the kitties, then crashed.

Sunday, I did laundry and cleaning, vegged a bit, played Culdcept, and grilled burgers. I continued reading my current book, Good Omens, and spoke with redneckninja and Haha. I read a bit more before bed and crashed around midnight after a 3 hour phone conversation with LittleLove.

I slept fairly okay, and was able to get back to sleep after my usual 2 and 4am awakenings. I managed 10 minutes before my alarm went off before I got up.

Now I'm keeping busy until lunch, which is BBQ, and then a meeting that I scheduled in order to have something to work on today/this week. I plan on heading home at my usual time, and coing back in if there's reason to later. I should be able to get more work done after 6pm without people around than I would if I stayed here for those 3 hours between 3 and 6. I should go to the store tonight or tomorrow to pick up a few things, and I'll probably have leftover hamburgers for dinner tonight.
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