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34oz Guinness

Ugh. Blah.

Last night, I wanted burgers. I had gone to a new store previously, because I heard they had a better quality meat selection. I ended up being very impressed with their bags - VERY sturdy. Anyway, so I get home and took them out to thaw. The only ones I could find were these pre-pattied ones - I generally just buy the ground meat and make them myself, since I like think burgers. I vegged and... stuff? Read, that's right - I'm rereading Good Omens. Ended up getting hungry and having to nuke them a bit to thaw, then I put my usual stuff on them - various peppers, spices, seasonings, salts, etc. I took them out and slapped them on the grill - it was pretty windy. Went and got the mail, then headed inside to warm up a bit. Went back out to flip them. Disaster. Freaking things were so thin that when I tried to flip the first one, it slid through the grill and down onto the burner shield. I ran back inside after flipping the others and grabbed the tongs, and ended up bruning my thumb a bit on the grill as I rescued the fallen one. They turned out pretty good, just too flat and narrow.

I ended up taking a nap, then getting up and heading back into work after my fruit snack. Boss was there, and coworker arrived not too much later. We worked together. It was kind of nice - dark, quiet, relaxing. Except that when I was about to pass out and wasn't getting any further and went to leave, the boss started asking me basic usage questions and generally delaying my departure.

Got home, did a bit of vegging, and then got sucked into a story. Ended up finishing the whole thing before I crashed, which was around 1am. Very late for me. The good news is that I slept pretty well (and I did drug myself a bit) until right before my alarm would have gone off. The bad news is that I had turned my alarm off in preparation of sleeping in a bit, but was unable to do so.

So I got up and into work. Joy. Still at the same place I was last night - nothing really to do - things need done, but things aren't working. And I have a headache, possibly migraine, coming on.

I think we're heading to the Chinese place that was just remodeled for lunch today. Hopefully, they cleaned everything up and their food quality will be better than before. They've had good eggrolls, which we hope they kept, but the rest needed some work.

I did accomplish some updates - the long-awaited looks a bit more stylish now, even if there is still little to no content. Various other sites were updated similarly, albeit with different templates.

I'm hoping to get something done for work today, and get home to nap before I figure out what the rest of the weekend has in store. I may head into Chi-town and check out Acen, I may wait until tomorrow. I may go see Mindhunters with a coworker, maybe not. I think I do need to get out of town a bit this weekend, though.

Oh yeah, I set up redneckninja with a LJ account yesterday. Dunno if it'll be used yet, but it was available and I thought I'd try.

EDIT: lunch was bleh. Disappointed. Heading to Chi-town tonight, so will probably hang around Acen a bit tomorrow afternoon.

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