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Went to Chili's for lunch yesterday. Had the delicious black bean burger again - that is just SO tasty. They initially served it with fries, but I pointed out it was supposed to come with veggies and it was remedied. I managed to keep to a fry or two.

Work was eh. Finally got to get stuff running late in the day, and left a test going when I went home. Had dinner, did some minor vegging, and then it was time for a going-away thing at a bar/mexican place down the street. It was okay. The highlights were the 34oz mugs of Guinness on tap, and not having to pay for such. It was interesting to hang with work people in a non-work setting.

Then I went back to work to start another test, and then headed home. I don't quite recall all that I did. I finished my book, organized some things... Yeah. Oh, right, RedneckNinja called, so we talked for quite awhile catching up and such.

This morning, I tried to sleep until my alarm but couldn't manage it. Ended up getting up and in to work around 6. Kept myself occupied until about lunchtime. Went to B-dub's for lunch, as it was leg day. Played trivia, and won one. Barely got bonus, though. I was still on the high score list, but the 2nd game was a high-scoring game and a coworker took 1st on the leaderboard and thus knocked me off.

Back to work now. Have a few things to do in the short term before a meeting. They're still working on getting things working, so I may or may not have to work late tonight/tomorrow.

I'm contemplating heading to Chicago on Fri or Sat and perhaps see if anyone I know will be available at ACen. I'm definately not going to pay to get in to the con, but I should be able to wander the halls and spot associates if they're there.

Oh, and Free Frosty from Wendy's Fri-Sun (May 13-15).

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