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Ninja Scroll

Cleaning was the theme for the weekend. I spent some time each day cleaning the place. I also managed to spend some time with the kitties, play quite a few rounds of Culdcept, manage some DLs, burn some DVDs, do laundry, get the dust out of one pc and the laptop, and exercise. I have some cleaning and such left, but it's minimal and should be taken care of tonight. The cats are shedding and I've had to vacuum every other day or so to help control it. I watched Ninja Scroll, Iczer, and part of 3x3 Eyes. I found that I can put a DVD on the old TV and listen to it, occasionally watching, while I perform other tasks like play Culdcept. It works pretty well. I also listened to Jick & Skullhead, so I'm caught up there.

Sent Haha an ecard yesterday, and they called so we spoke briefly. Also chatted with Angel. Missed calling RedNeckNinja again, argh.

I've also been reading quite a bit more than I have otherwise been recently. I finished a book a day or so, and started in on Going Postal again last night.

Sleep has been strange, I've been falling asleep at odd times and still not doing well past 4am, with 2am also being a familiar time.

For food, I had takeout Chinese and then sandwiches. I wanted BBQ last night, but it was too crowded when I went. I may push for that for lunch today instead.

This morning, I did a little bit of work work. I also caught up on KoL and email and such, and did some website template updates for one site. I think I need to go ahead and abstract the rest of the pages to the same template, and then put the template variables back in. If I'd done that to begin with, the changeover would have been cake.

Hmm, boss just stopped by. I told them what I needed to make this week productive - let's see what they do about it.

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