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Tiger and Enigma

It was a very nice day yesterday. I got in to work early, and occupied myself in the morning with some work, misc stuff, and Bob and Tom. Spoke with a coworker about what I'd missed the previous day, which wasn't too much.

Went out to Chinese for lunch with a corworker, and had the windows/sunroof open the whole way. Didn't really want to go back to work after that.

Tried to keep myself occupied in the afternoon, with little success. I ended up wandering a bit. Just before I was going to leave, a coworker and the boss came by to hover over me while I tested something. We finally got it to work only what, 3 weeks late? It was a start, and I went home after.

Got home, brought the trash cans in. Tried to keep occupied, then succumbed to sleep. Woke up from my nap, had dinner, and did some vegging and a little organizing. Decided to take a walk and enjoy the weather. Picked up the junk mail on the way back. Did some stretching while I finished the last of the Dirty Pair discs I have.

Nothing else interesting, really. Read briefly before I crashed. Took a bit to get to sleep, but slept okay until 4:30am or so. Finally got up around 5:30. In to work around 6:30, I think it was. Found out the boss had changed my scripts around during the evening, but they appear to have done little damage. Not much going on yet, will have to see what happens when people start coming in. I figure on leaving early today.

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