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I wasn't feeling up to working yesterday, so I called in. Between the pain in my back/side, the beginnings of a headache, lack of sleep, and a general malaise... Yeah.

So I attempted to sleep, which met with moderate success. I ended up vegging for awhile, then finally got moving. Finished some Product Registration forms, figuring I'd go ahead and use the opportunity to collect the serial numbers of some of the sutff I own for safekeeping. Also had another change of address form for my insurance, and some other misc paperwork to mail. I then headed out to Goodwill to drop off some stuff, then over to Half Price to sell a few books - including both Greg Bear books I just read -Darwin's Radio and Darwin's Children and the two later Phule's books that suck by Robert Asprin and whoever ruined them. Got $2.50 after waiting 20+ minutes, joy. I followed by heading to the store for a few things, including bread for my sandwiches. Before heading home, I did a drive-by the PO to mail the stuff and got takeout Chinese.

At home, I checked the mail and fed the cats - Tiger was scarfing food down too quickly and didn't stop when I tried to convince him to slow down, so I locked them in the room. Sure enough, sometime later I heard the barfing.

I watched the latest One Piece, which sucked, and continued with some Dirty Pair. Vegged, organized photos on the desktop, played Culdcept, etc. At some point, I was hit by a sudden wave of lethargy and had to nap.

Eventually, I realized that trash day was in the morning, so I cleaned the litterbox and took all the trash out to the curb. Looking down in the garage, I decided to sweep out the garage as well. I also moved the outdoor furniture to the patio, as it was a nice warmish day.

I got a couple calls while I was out, so I returned those and chatted briefly with S and Ankh. I still need to call RedneckNinja back.

I ended up staying up a bit later than normal getting through more photo organization as well as reading Steve Perry's Matadora, which is part of my favorite book series. Around midnight, I finally crashed - hoping that I'd get good sleep. Sigh. Around 4:30 or so, I was awake and tossing and turning. I ended up in to work at 6am. Ah well.

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