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So we went to lunch yesterday to this big chinese buffet. The place is kindy dingy, but they sometimes have decent enough food. I got my soup and eggrolls per normal, then got my plate full of stuff. I reached down to pick some up with my chopsticks, and managed to grab this (pictured above) instead. It's a box staple - you know, one of the bigger kinds of staples that holds shipping boxes together. I whipped out my phone and took a pic, then took the plate up to the counter. The person disappeared into the kitchen with my plate for about 5 minutes, came back to explain that sometimes when they open boxes of cabbage the staples pop off, and then went back to the counter. I was unimpressed, and we soon left. After I got back to work, I emailed the picture and story to the health department. So yeah, we're not going back there.

I ended up taking a walk around the neighborhood last night, and probably overdoing the exercise a bit. I was angry and frustrated and needed to work off some steam. I played poker briefly - won a bit and left... Then later on lost it all and left agian.

I watched Devil Hunter Yohko 4-Ever, which was a complete waste. I think the only redeeming value was that it was okay background while I did stretches and such. I forgot to watch One Piece 141. I notice that up to ep 230 or so is available, but mostly unsubbed. I also played some Culdcept, and did okay... I get really annoyed at how 90% of the time the computer player gets the better rolls on everything - I rarely get a good roll, so I have to win using non-luck means.

I need to get to the store tonight or tomorrow - I'm pretty well out of fruit and my main home food - sandwiches. I'm fairly certain I'll be having Chinese takeout tonight for dinner, though. Will probably go see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tomorrow with a coworker.

Again I couldn't sleep well past 2am last night... So I tossed and turned until sometime around 5, then got up and came in to work. I figure that'll get me out earlier, so it's not all bad. But I really would like a decent night's sleep.

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