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Snack Bar

Went and got quite a few snack bars last night. They didn't have some of my usual ones, so I had to substitute for those. And there were some new ones I decided to try as well. I also swept out the garage and did some misc organizing.

Ended up watching the bulk of Devil Hunter Yohko, played Culdcept (ended up throwing my controller across the room at one point), and increased my stretching/exercise time a bit. Oh, and there were some website fixes I made as well. At one point, I just played with the cats for a bit.

Finished my leftover burgers for dinner last night. I think lunch today is B-Dubs, so trivia and Golden Tee. It's leg day. I'm already hungry.

I haven't been sleeping well at all still. Rather, I've been sleeping well until 2-3am... Then tossing and turning until I actually get up.

Oh, yes... Kraftwerk</i>! I'm going to the Chicago show on 6/4 - ordered my tickets today. They're general admission, so if anyone else is interested you can get your own tickets and we'll meet up for food before the show or something.

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