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Shark Tale POS Cereal Freebie

That pic from yesterday? Yeah, it was a freebie in my cereal. POS Shark Tale LCD "game" that doesn't work very well at all. The thing isn't worth the battery, let alone the rest of it.

I did well for lunch yesterday... We went to Chili's and I had the Black Bean Burger with Veggies. It was unexpectedly tasty, I think I'll be going back there more often. For dinner, I ended up grilling burgers again. I make tasty burgers, for sure.

Lesse... I finished up the Dirty Pair discs I got in, and started on Devil hunter Yohko. Ahh, classics. I also managed to clean out the cat box, move some trash from the kitchen to the garage, and finish/put away my laundry. Oh, and I went to the store. And by went, I mean walked there and back carrying the stuff. It was a decent walk, and I didn't really feel it until I got to the neighborhood entrance, which was when the side carrying the soy milk started pulsing. It was good, though. I need to keep it up. I'm thinking I might try to keep walking to the store and buying just what I need for a few days, so that I have to go back more often and thus force my exercise. I didn't even go to DQ this time, even though it's right there by the store.

Played a few quick hands of poker on PokerStars. I ended something like up $1500, which is decent. One hand I went all in and caught the flush on the river, and right after I had 3 aces.

Work is still in the "Hurry Up and Wait" state. Oh, and the CIO will be back in town this week - and every other week throughout the project. Ugh. I may try to get out of those meetings somehow, I really don't care to deal with them. Besides, isn't that what we have 2 levels of management between us for? Hmm, yeah and my boss has been dedicated (hah, with all those meetings I wonder how much they will actually DO) to working on the same stuff I'm on, so I should have some assistance where needed.

I forgot to get breakfast bars yesterday, so I'll have to do that tonight. Unfortunately, Wally World is too far away to walk. Perhaps if I had a bike, though...

Oh, and I need the employee benefits number from my previous job. I lost it somewhere.

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