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What is it?

Seems like it's a down time for quite a few people I know/read. Lots of highly emotional... CRAP... is going on. I'm no exception.

The entertainment this weekend was Kung Fu Hustle on Sat with a coworker. It was a very entertaining film that did not take itself seriously at all. Definately one to check out. Coworker and I had Chinese and watched Wizards after, and then played some EyeToy AntiGrav and DDR Extreme. Wasn't a bad time.

I watched some of the new Original Dirty Pair discs I got in, and unwrapped a bunch more in preparation to watch.

I didn't want to get up today, since I slept like complete crap. However, I was unable to get back to sleep so I went ahead and came in.

I also worked quite a bit on website scripts, making some tweaks and getting some things done. Not bad, I should try to keep that up.

Hmm, oh yeah. I got motivated to exercise, so I walked out to DQ for a Blizzard and to check out the sale papers, then walked back. That's the longest walk I've done in awhile, and it was pretty chilly. Came home and did streches, crunches, etc. Felt good after.

What else... laundry... Hmmm. Yeah, that's about it.

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