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Piece One Weekend

How long is YOUR banana?

Snapped that pic with my phone at work the other week. It was lying by the ruler like that in a coworker's cube when I looked in.

I watched approximately 50 episodes of One Piece over the weekend, not to mention Cat Returns, Master of the Flying Guillotine, Sin City, and half an episode of City Hunter.

OP rant - SPOILERS if you haven't seen up to episode 140!
Ok, look - I like One Piece, I really do. It's got a nice mix of action, drama, and humor. Most of the plot I'm right there with - it's interesting, and I want to see what happens next. However, there are a few things that keep bothering me.

1) What's with this filler crap? There were a few episodes in a row of pure filler near the end of what I've seen (I'm on the Kaizoku releases, which end at episode 140 currently). Garbage. It was nice for the reminder of people's dreams/motivation, but was also an utterly pointless way of doing so.

2) What's with not allowing current characters to die? Ok, I'll grant that Zoro's chic and Chopper's first doc died. But those were historical. WTF happened with Igaram? Pell? HTH did they survive? I don't think so. If they're going to be brought back, they need to have a DAMN good reason why... None of this "just happens to wander in with no explanation" crap.

3) Who the hell is Nico Robin? HTH did an 8 year old take out 8 marine ships? WTF would she join the crew? Explanation is needed here - I can't suspend my disbelief much longer.

4) Croc - Luffy had 0 chance. Not water, not blood - nothing Luffy did should have worked on croc AT ALL. The only person I've seen so far with a chance was Smoker - and that would be a draw. If it were raining, then perhaps Luffy or others would have had a chance. Portgas may have also been able to get away with a draw.

Anyway, I do like OP and I want to keep watching.

I wanted to like Sin City. I wanted to, but I'm not sure I did. I liked the film noir feeling the intro had - but that got lost along the way. I liked the stylized look and the animated comic book effects. I absolutely LOVED seeing Frodo as Captain Kuro - ah, c'mon, you noticed it, right? The glasses, the quick movement, the claws? Ok, I admit Kuro wasn't THAT twisted, but the LOOK was there. I think the film went downhill the longer I watched it. It got boring. It got cheesy. It got confusing due to plot holes. It got stupid. After the intro, the rest was a big letdown. I'll probably see it again - for Kevin, if nothing else.

Cat Returns was strange. It was definately a Strudio Ghibli film, but... I don't know. It was billed as a sequel to Mimi O Sumaseba, but it wasn't really. In the sense that it had to take place after, sure. In the ture sense of relating to the other film in any real way, no. It was short, and I liked it somewhat. I would have appreicated a little more backstory on some of the characters, in order to help understand their motivations for what they did.

Master of the Flying Guillotine was better than I thought it would be. According to the intro, the original print is all but gone so the quality in places is horrible. However, for a cult kung-fu film, it was pretty well done. Sure, you can see clear misses in kicks and punches due to camera angles. And, of course, the actors are obviously not REALLY one-armed. But overall, it is an entertaining film. I thought it would be a bit darker and more dramatic, but it end up being fun and entertaining.

So that was most of my weekend right there. I had takeout chinese twice, walked around the mall, and drank some beer as well. I did end up talking to Oz, RedneckNinja, and LittleLove a bit.

On Fri, I ordered an iPass and quite a few (mostly) Anime DVDs. I'm going to try to watch my way through most of my currently owned unwatched Anime DVDs before the new ones arrive. So that's City Hunter, Patlabor, and Jubei-chan for starters.

I also gave the kitties a bath. I must have done it right, since they were remarkably well-behaved. Even Enigma didn't scratch the fuck out of me like I figured he'd try to. I spent some time playing with them, and even had them napping on the couch with me while I watched DVDs. Oh, that reminds me. The new DVD/Divx player... It's... eh. The menu is from my old Apex, so all the OP episodes showed up as "ONE PIECE 0" or "ONE PIECE 1." At a certain point, only about half of the episodes would play so I ende dup watching most of them on my computer instead. Still, the remote is much better than the Apex and it makes a decent DVD player, so... not bad for the price.

Training here at work had been extended for a week. Not sure what that'll mean. Boss called me on Fri just about the time I left and left a message saying we needed to do my quarterly review. Why they waited until the last minute on the last day is beyond me.

I haven't been sleeping well, and my back has been killing me. Joy.

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