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I keep not posting here for some reason. I told myself awhile back that I wouldn't make any posts withou a picture. I notice I tend to read more friend's entries with interesting pictures than just plain text. Of course, if I know the person IRL or am generally entertained by what they write I'll pay closer attention as well. Sometimes, I just don't feel like reading a certain kind of post, and I skip past those on my list who typically make that kind of post. Back to me, I've not been posting as much as I was trying to.

Stuff has been going on, this past weekend was NOT fun at all. Ugh. Stress. I'm completely not into working, and I have some documentation due. I just committed to having at least one done by this Fri, and two more have to be done by next Thurs so I can get my bonus.

HR has been screwing with me again. I can't recall if I posted the clusterfuck surrounding my 401k or not. Anyway, they're still trying to figure that out. I just submitted the paperwork to roll my old 401k over into the new one, and it turns out I had to call the old company and have them send me a check. Let me reiterate once again how much hate I have for the money-grubbing policies of Fidelity. Their phone system is horrible, their website isn't much better, and their policies seem designed to make as much as possible off of their customers - especially when the market is down.

Speaking of horrible customer service, taxes. They called me back the other day because of the very negative review I left for them at the website. They didn't address my issues at all, they just kept saying that I could have left at any time instead of staying and paying for it. Really? Why didn't anyone say so? Anyway, their only resolution was to have a manager review my paperword to verify the numbers. I highly doubt that will help, as I still have the only copy to my knowledge of the form that was supposed to be sent with my federal return. The clueless one who ignored my repeated requests to file that form called last night and tought I was an answering machine or something. Yeah, clueless. I don't want to call them back, I just want to sign my other state returns and be done with the whole thing.

I got a bunch of new pills to take. All herbal/vitaminy crap. I think I notice a slight difference already, but it's only been a few days. We'll see what time brings to be sure.

Based on a DevShed article about PHP templates and a Blog post about PHP DB abstraction classes, I started buliding some new scripts. Wow, what a difference. I am really enjoying the way this all works together. Now if I can just find a graphic artist/web designer to work with, I'll be set.

Anyway, let's just hope I can get things done and try to remain relatively sane for the next month.

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