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Went and spent another 1.5 hours at the Tax office last night. Ugh. We're STILL not done - in 2 weeks or so, we get to go back. Bleh. I took their online survey and, I hope, hammered the point home that I am unhappy with the service and the price. Told them I wouldn't go back to them next year. This is probably true, as I don't plan on moving or anything so the tax implications are nil... I can probably do them myself online for free.

We've been back on the One Piece kick. I'm not sure what we're up to now - 75? It seems to be nearing the end of at least this part of the Little Garden intro storyline, although just before the last episode ended Sanji had an interesting conversation. Too bad I had to crash at that point.

I didn't really do much over the weekend. I've been having to spend more time on a daily basis with KoL for various reasons. LittleLove is playing again - this time actively. The change today had me annoyed briefly, until I figured out how easy it was to get past and made a little extra cash in the mall. In order for each of my chars to afford a Mr A every month, the price has to drop to around 5.5mil. That's asking a bit much, although the recent downward trend has been nice.

I've been working on a small subset of my websites still. I need to get the rest of them going, but I'm not quite satisfied about how things are turning out right now.

Work's been blah. Huge project coming up that I'm working on documentation for. If I understand the Dev lead, we're not going to have things done anywhere near (sky-high) expectation dates, and we'll be lucky if we actually get anything done by the deadline. We're coming into this too late with too few resources and people don't seem to want to admit that.

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