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Table at Lunch

The word Pedantic has been abused of late, with quite a few references appearing on LJ and misc other places I visit.

The crapstorm got to me Wed night. LittleLove and I were up until roughly 4am, and so I called in to work and we spent the day together instead. We did pretty good, got up and moving about the time we wanted to. We did some housework, took out the trash, etc. Then we headed out to do some shopping. Grand total spent: $3.64. Ah well. Then we went and got Chinese for dinner and spent some time trying to catch up on One Piece. We're on Episode #68, which appears to be filler - we just finished the Whiskey Peak/Baroque Works storyline.

I'm going to make some changes on various sites, and attempt to get some of them a bit more live than their current coming soon pages.

I'm up to 51 stars in Mario DS. LittleLove hasn't been playing, so I'm still way ahead. Still nothing exciting out for the system, and the PSP is almost here.

Oh, yes. We went to the Mac store in the mall. I want an iMac, and that 30" display they have. The rest of the stuff is blah, although one of the laptops was surprisngly close to the Dell I've been eyeing. I'm not sure which I want to do - the iMac would be an interesting toy, but I think my priority for the entertainment center is a new DVD player. Actually, I might get a new Divx player AND a VHS/DVD recorder... Too bad they don't make any SVHS/DVD recorders.

I've decided that I'm unsatisfied with life here. Not sure what to do about it yet.

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