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Dusting the Scratch


LittleLove and I did some housework last night. It's never fun to actually do that stuff, be we worked together and got quite a bit accomplished pretty quickly. The sub is still humming for some reason, but at least the entertainment center was dusted. The TV had quite a layer of dust on it. Afterwards, we played some IIDX and then vegged before bed.

This pretty much summarizes my recent issues with websites.

It looks like I may have to do a reinstall on one site due to some strange errors cropping up. I was hoping to wait for the next major version, but if this gets things back running smoothly it will be worth it. I got sidetracked today, so I may end up doing it tomorrow instead.

The boss called me (literally, from their desk a little ways down the corridor) into their office for a short meeting just before lunch. They pretty much turned the project over to me. I'm glad, it means I can stop waiting for them to get stuff done and just do it myself. It should be interesting from now until June 1 or whenever the deadline finaly settles. It's a huge project, and the testing requirements are insane. But I made sure to let them know that I thought we didn't have enough time. We'll see what they do about it. I'd hate to do a halfassed job, but I'm not going to kill myself for this.

I've been trying to break the $2k mark on poker online. I got up to $1,991 earlier today, but couldn't find my hand to edge it over.

Hmm, what else.... I'm sure there was more, but my mind's been elsewhere for awhile now.

Oh, the pic. I took it Fri heading home from work, it was the second such bus I'd seen with "LAMERS" proudly painted on the back. It gets a laugh every time. It's nice of them to warn you, so you can stay away.

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