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Mo's Irish Pub

Went out with a coworker while LittleLove was at work. We went downtown to eat, then played some DDR and stopped by the mall. Nothing big, but it got me out and about. LittleLove went to the Lock-In after work, and then we had breakfast in the morning before they crashed. They had to head back into work, so I mostly vegged. We watched the first of Tokyo Babylon, but the sub was humming and triggering my headache.

Went to B-dubs for lunch. It was good, but I'm craving BBQ sometime this week. I did some financials today, and am relieved that I still have a decent chunk in my 401k. I got my credit reports on fri, since they were online and free. It's a good thing, too. In order to get online access to my accounts, I had to look up previous addresses and phone numbers from my credit reports. Kinda scary, in a way.

I think I'm going to start contributing more to the 401k. I should be able to hold off on major toy purchases for awhile and get it up to where I'd like it to be sooner than later. Compound the interest and all that. I'm probably also going to consolidate my IRAs and 401k into the same place or two, instead of 3-4 like it is now. Only problem is dealing with HR to get it done. I hate all these stupid forms.

All of my new sites are down, for no apparent reason. That is pretty annoying.

Working with buffbots on KoL now... Interesting stuff. Application sucks, but it does seem to work somewhat. I have a feeling there will be quite a few people having buffer multis after A. I'll probably play around with A a few times, maybe even go HC if there's a benefit to it. It should break the boredom for awhile. I'm considering selling my crimbo stockings at a loss in order to get more Mr A's... With the Tam and Pixie available, it's hard to resist. I think a multi is going to go DB just for the sheer income potential. A 43 lb pixie with all the meat and item buffs would do much damage on the peak.

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