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Watcihng the Game


I finally started watching playing Xenosaga the other day. Um. Yeah. If I would have known I had to sit down for 2 hours for 10 minutes of gameplay, I probably wouldn't have bothered.

We watched Porco Rosso the other night. Good film, I hadn't seen it in quite awhile. Seems much shorter than other Miyazaki works.

Boss was out yesterday, so I took off from work early and we headed to get our taxes done. 2 hours and a power outage later, we still weren't done. Since both of us were hungry, we decided to go ahead and get out of there. I do have to find some extra documents, and we have to wait for their 'specialists' to figure out the taxes from other states. All told, the final bill will likely be around $500. Ouch. However, I'll be happier to have them done correctly than worrying about possible consequences later. Besides, neither of us want to do them ourselves.

I know there was more I was going to write, but my brain just went blank. I have a meeting this afternoon, but I got my stuff done for it yesterday before lunch.

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