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I overtook LittleLove on Super Mario 64 DS today. I'm at something like 43 stars, and they have 37 or so.

Things have been bleh, but hopefully after a discussion last night they will be getting better. We went out for BBQ, then drove around, walked around the mall, and got frozen custard. Decent evening.

The other night, we watched Nausicaa. Beautiful. I love that film.

I spent the day at work on Fri playing Mudcraft and poker. I got a few high scores, including #2 on one level... And ended up $200 or so. Then I went to a new DDR location and played a game there. On my way home, I stopped at the apt office to tell them I was paying the missing cash and tell them about the maintenance issues we have with the garage.

I watched Bloodsport the other night. It is amazing, I had never seen it not on TV. There's a whole bit they cut out usually, and then the language, etc. I liked watching it again, even with LittleLove laughing at the faces made in the final battle.

Spoke with Ankh, Oz, and RedneckNinja in the past few days. Not much new, really.

I'm still searching for my motivation. I have things I want to do, but haven't been applying myself to them as much as I want to. I did manage to go out a bit today. I went to a local A/V store, but it was closed. Then I tried La Boutique De La Target, at which I realize I left my cash/cards at home. I headed home to get that, then went to get Chinese takeout for dinner. LittleLove had asked that I drop off soup/eggrolls, so I did that before coming home. I tried to watch Heat while I ate, but got bored with it. I realize I have seen at least some of the movie, if not all. I forget if I enjoyed it, but I wasn't into it much tonight. I checked my usual online hangouts and did some misc character management in KOL.

I'll probably grab an apple and veg a bit until LittleLove gets home from work. I'm already slowing down for the night, but perhaps we can get some time in for something before I crash.

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