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Went and bought Nausicaa, Proco Rosso, and The Cat Returns last night. I'm not a fan of the trend of putting cardboard slipcases on every damn DVD release. I also hate when special offers require you to multilate the DVD jackets. Thanks, no. Besides which, I already own the rest of them.

Looks like phpBB was updated, so I need to go making some changes. Bastards. I know they're doing it for our own good, but I'd prefer a better system of doing such - especially on heavily-modded boards. That's where Xoops, despite the fact I dislike the product as a whole, shines. Even EasyMOD isn't really that great as a solution.

Still not up to par. Bleh. I think the rare-ishg burger I had yesterday at lunch helped me regress a bit illness-wise.

I've been in training. Boring stuff. I really want to get the next class towards my certification out of the way, that one should be better.

We've got a Consultant in at work, so I suppose I should go baby-sit them.

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