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Frozen Pool

Most of the weekend I spent sleeping, vegging, and/or generally not doing much. Damn whatever-it-is. I'm still not feeling 100%.

I've been trying to get things done on various websites, but I find myself unable to concentrate enough to do much.

It looks like I need to write my own php image gallery script that does what I want it to - I can't find one that will do it for me. That's a pain. A real PITA. It doesn't help that my new host doesn't have JPG support enabled, which effectively makes it useless for most of what I want to do.

I watched most of the new edition DVD of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly the other day. Then the DVD player quit working again. If I hadn't already seen it so many times, I may have subjected it to Sudden Impact. In any case, I liked the new version - nice clean tranfser. The audio, however... The moments when 5.1 is used are shocking and break the flow of the rest of the dialogue. Then again, my head was so stuffed up who can say what it really sounded like?

Spoke with RedneckNinja, Haha, and Oz. Nothing new, really.

I think I need to find a graphic designer to work with on web page layouts and color schemes and logos and such. I've contacted some 'professionals', and I just can't see myself paying that much for what amounts to personal websites. Especially considering how many of them there are. I think I've lost count, myself.

It wouldn't hurt if I could find a php coder of similar skill to work with, preferably one with more motivation than I have. I have all these projects partially-completed and/or dreamed up, with not much progress being made on any specific one.

Did anyone see Hunter S on Paris' contacts? Just wondering if there was a connection...

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