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one more post for the day

might as well start the new year off right, eh?

I was just snickering a second time at yesterday's DownToEarth... Watching the last few eps of the Iron Chef marathon whilst I finish up laundry for the evening.. I'm already ready to get to sleep, just one more load into the dryer, and I can...

How is it that I seem to end up every week on the night before work suddenly realizing I need to do some laundry for work the next morning? Hmm, perhaps I need more clothing? Although I have quite a lot... Don't know for sure.

My $5 webcam seems to have broken already /: maybe that's why it was crashing so much... don't know... haven't felt like messing with it.

People are boring tonight, I guess everyone's worn out from new year's and preparing to return to work... bleh.

People / cams aren't up that I want to chat with.. which might be a good things, since I'll get to bed earlier, but... I would like to at least have a short conversation...

I had a thought today, that I'm being counterproductive in the way I'm going about attempting to correct my lack of physical fitness. I really should be eating more often, smaller portions, slowing down, and healthier food. And I need to lock in that daily workout thing, not just the exercise whichever days I feel like it. Also, I have to ease back into a routine, not go overboard and hurt myself like I did last week.

Anyway, I'm fading fast, so... sleep well everyone, and I wish you a happy 2nd day of the new year!

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