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Going Postal

I read Going Postal today. Literally. That's about all i did today. LittleLove gave me the book yesterday, and I read it today. They also got me two Guinness pint glasses, a midlife crisis sign, and two cards. Not a bad b-day haul. Of course I need to go get some Guiness to drink in the glasses....

We we out yesterday, though we got a late start. There was a PIU tournament we thought about going to, but opted for a closer destination instead. We hit a few arcades, played some DDR, had dinner.. And ended up at the local arcade for awhile, where I ended up playing a couple games of Playboy pinball. Not a fan. We went to frozen custard then came home and pretty much just passed out.

The dartboard fell the other day. I suppose I need to break out the stud finder and try putting it up again.

The library called today, I have 5 Pratchett books being held for me. I love this online hold stuff - I may cancel Blockbuster Online soon and just use the library. Save some cash that way, and it's nearly as convenient. The Library is across the street from the Post Office, so... yeah.

Yeah, still haven't posted the trip chronicle. Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps not. We'll see. I've been working on getting all my new domains set up and such, plus I was getting the routes for the trip yesterday into the GPS. I went in late and stayed late on Fri, which worked out ok. The application that was supposed to be ready for me to test on Monday wasn't ready until after 4pm on Friday. I stayed long enough to get a script working and make sure it was running.

Tomorrow will be the first V-Day in recent memory that I'll have an SO on. I'm not sure what I'll do... Thankfully, LittleLove did tell me what they wanted so I have some ideas. As they work all night, we'll be having lunch tomorrow and then going out for dinner and perhaps a movie on Tues. I'm obligated to take something in to work tomorrow due to my b-day, and I'll probably end up with something else for V-Day to boot. Though I may not... we'll see.

We both feel like we've been trying to fight off one of the illnesses that has been going around. Makes for a non-energetic weekend.

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