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Across The Stairs


I did not so much wake up as stumble blindly into semi-surrealness. As my ears opened, I tasted the arousal of my partner. I reached out to touch them with both my eyes, but had already missed the moment. Green smoke billowed has they flew off to rip hearts out of undead things for breakfast. Unamused, I crankily sildled around to bathe in warm milk and thus prepare for the day ahead. Foiled somewhat by the omipresent wall, I decide to do without and ventured towards the nest to scavenge for something nutritous.

My partner had already sucked their fill, and was lying torpid in a tree. Great trunks grew from their nipples and flowers sprouted inside their open mouth. Unhurredly, I crept backwards towards the clock and feasted. As the light faded even further, I sat on the ice and while away the time watching the munchkins graze in the clouds. After that aeon was begun, the trek continued.

The less said about the sudden arrival of the attractive homocidal clown the better. It is enough to mention that, while I heard their face, what they said smelled entirely wrong. Especially after they started cannibalizing themself. I suppose you are what you get paid for sex.

As I approached work from behind, trying to wedge a bloody penis into its back and thus stop the sisphyan efforts of thousands, it noticed me and began disassociating my stem cells. Probably the worst part of the job is the feeling of your spine being pried out of your carcass and plugged into the matrices. Perhaps a physical prison would be better, after all. My awaeness, having nothing much else to do, occupied itself by osessing over porn starlets squirting themselves into dehydration. Frankly, I had gotten bored of such things before any of them were hatched.

The midden nacht meal consisted largely of marbled dwarves. Crunchy and tastless, really. I suppose I could have tried to grab a walrus or two, but I wasn't up to it tonight.

I did manage to sleep early, which had the benefit of dulling the process of spinal reattachment. I always hate the way it settles on the pelvic bone, that just doesn't look right. The drudgery of slicking home soon took hold, and I don't recall much else. I think perhaps a pterodon humped my arse, and ended up taking a leg with it. Doesn't matter, though.

As the light rose, and the mists returned to protect us, I was just glad that the next night meant less that any before. When vacation looms, the importance of anything diminishes.

So I spake across the stairs, and began the vast nothingness in the void.

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