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Taiko 5

Got Taiko 5 and PnM 10 in last week. Haven't played them but once each.

Had some rough stuff going on, especially on Fri. Here's hoping that nothing like that will happen again.

I've watched a few more movies, or parts thereof. For some reason, I've been too restless to sit through a whole one. I've occupied myself by doing cleaning, organizing, and such around the house... As well as unplugging and just reading a book. I got partway through Grunts again, then switched to The Diamond Age. I finished that one last night. It was kind of nice to by lying on the bed with low lamplight and the dog curled next to me, just devouring the book again.

Electric/Gas bill came in. Ouch, it hurt. $300+ for the past month. Negative windchill and poor insulation will do that. We actually woke up the other morning to the garage door being open, so all that cold air had been creeping in all night.

I've a meeting with the top HR person today, as does the rest of my team. Either we're all getting fired, or transfered, or they're just playing nice-nice games. Thanks to their lack of foresight, I will be stuck at work until 4:30 at the earliest. Joy. And I had made a special effort to get in early today, too. Ah well, it happens.

Spoke with RedneckNinja the other night. Their fallback job fell through, and they're back to looking. Not doing well. Not sure what to tell them - usually they have few problems getting some sort of job going until they can get something more in line with what they're wanting.

Eh, I suppose I'll load up the GPS with some info on geocaching and such to occupy the time until my current issue is fixed. I actually dove in and did quite a bit towards getting some testing going today.

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