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Hmmm New Toy?


I'm still holding out for a new bed and possibly a DVD-R/VCR combo... But that thing looks to be what the Onkyo's Net-Tune was supposed to be. I also like the fact that it runs Open Source software, and there are a bunch of user-contributed plugins for it.

Speaking of open source, I looked at Xoops today as a possible CMS for SSO. It has promise, I think I may install it and play around a bit. Now that phpBB 2.2 has been renamed and numbered with a later launch date, I'm not so sure I'll be sticking with it for that particular site.

Getting the Apache wordfile for UltraEdit sure made debugging my .htaccess files much easier. I did a SetEnfIf instead of SetEnvif. Stupid typo, of course, made the whole site give a HTTP 500 until I fixed it.

Not much else to report. The 12k files I was trying to work with Fri STILL aren't done. Stupid app stopped at around 3k files sometime Fri after I left. It's at 4k now, and it stopped earlier at 3k again. Only about 1.5k left, but it's been running most of the day. Ugh. And people wonder why I hate these doc managers. I'm probably going to move the lot to another 'project' so it doesn't clutter up our workspace. The server is on the coast, and our connection to the coast is horrible here.

LittleLove made pork stir-fry for lunch, which was good. Unfortunately, they're working until close - I won't see them until they get home... probably after I'm in bed.

I suppose I'll head out of here and go veg at home. It's cold out, and I don't look forward to walking the dog.

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