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Star Team

Star Team

I hate document managers. The applications, I mean. They sound like a good idea, but usually end up being huge headaches. Share Drives serve the same purpose, and are generally better at it for most uses. I'm trying to work with Star Team to use for our group's documentation. I'd rather just keep the share drive we'd been using.

It looks like we currently have about 12k files. Most of which are old documents kept around for historical purposes. In other words, garbage. I'd much rather archive those to CD or DVD and get them out of the loop entirely - the likelihood of anyone needing to refer to them at this point is miniscule. If there was a need, the CD/DVD would be available. Alas, it's not my call. Instead, we get to clog our working folders in Star Team with this crap - meaning every time every person opens it, all this crap comes with it. What a waste.

An online CMS with Word/Excel export would be much more useful. No client, just a quick web interface. *sigh* I can dream.

Last night was strange. I watched a bit of Assemble Insert, talked with LittleLove, and crashed early.

Went to Chinese for lunch. The place we went is gaudy, and has awful service. The food is good, and they're one of the only places around here that actually serves Kung Pao chicken.

Got some code up and live today on one site, which I'm fairly proud of. Hopefully, people will be using it.

My back aches, and I'm out of it. I don't feel like I really woke up today at all; I've just been muddling though. Zombie.

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