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I'm listening to Radio KoL at work. Joy. Left the XM at home.

Work-wise, not much going on today. Have some documentation to do, as my boss cut my document in half so I have to rewrite the rest. Yay. The other major task requires someone who is sick today. Not much progress there.

I've been trying to get back into scripting mode, with some small success. I don't know where my motivation has been lately, but I sure can't seem to find it. I have so many ideas and tasks and THINGS to do... And no motivation to sit down and get them done. I've been working on a new version of my utilities CD the past few days at home. I need a new one, since Haha's machine needs fixing. Only a few weeks until we visit.

Uh, just realized how much one of the moblogs sucks. I had to go back and delete all my entries.

I suppose I'll try to keep busy for another hour or so before taking off, as I skipped lunch. Rather, I left my leftovers from yesterday in a coworker's car, and the others went out for tacos today so I just ate the leftovers here.

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