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Restless Eve


Stupidity at work, per usual. HR still doesn't know WTF is going on. We did quick run to Wendy's for lunch so that my coworker could be back for a meeting. LittleLove SMSed me, and we chatted briefly. They ended up making me dinner for lunch, so I would be set when I got home. Nifty, eh?

It was slickery witha ll the snow/slush and such going home. They get right on that stuff, though. This morning, it was all but gone.

Did some various vegging at home, and cleaned the catbox and fed the animals before walking the dog. Had 3 DVDs in the mail, so I set about looking at those. I ended up watching part of Tokyo Godfathers and Appleseed. The problem was that I was restless, and couldn't stand to sit there watching more than 15 mins or so of each. I ende dup turning the computers off and heading to bed early. I had skipped my after-work nap, and I was out of it. I tried to read and then play some mahjong, but I quickly admitted defeat and went to sleep.

This morning, I decided to take my time. I have a couple meetings today, including one at lunchtime. I figured I could alter my schedule a bit and not be quite so bitchy by the time I go to lunch.

Now I'm just trying to keep busy until the meeting starts.

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