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Overhyped Toy, activate!

But first, Beer At Work!
beer at work

I was able, amongst yesterday's crises, to activate the XM radio. It's a neat toy, but I'm not going to keep it. If anyone wants to buy it from me, let me know. It's activated for 3 months already, so unless someone has a burning desire for it I'll probably keep it that long.

On to the crises. Basically, I had my yearly "Oh, shit - BILLS!" happening. The mobile bill, which they had been sending email reminders to my old work account for, was one. The new credit card bill, which they hadn't sent any reminders for, was the other. It was fun, really. I ended up just having my bank send them the money whenever it gets around to it - although I did send messages to both saying I was paying and the cause for delay. I spoke with the CC company, and asked "What is the cheapest method for me to get the full payment in immediately?" I loved the response - "Well, you just signed up for the electronic payments, so that will be 6 days minimum. You can do Speedpay, but that will cost $15 and it won't be posted until tomorrow - so you'll still get late fees and such. Your best option is to send it [snail] mail and then call back after it posts to get a refund of the charge." W. T. F. ?.

LittleLove and I watched The Usual Suspects somewhere in there.

Today's lunch was B-dub's. 50 cent wings rock.

I'm still looking for a graphic designer for hire. I need reasonable cost for website redesign, the sooner the better. The current estimates I have are well above the amount I want to put into the effort.

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