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Yet Another New Toy!

Xm MyFi

With all the Stuff

I love how it comes with all the crap you need - home cradle, car cradle, home charger, car charger, home antenna, car antenna, mobile antenna, various mounts, belt clip/stand, case, ear buds... It could have used a second charger for work, but that's a quibble.

I hated having to wait for it to charge. That's always torture with a new toy.

It's still not activated. I'm not sure why, it was supposed to be activated before it was shipped - and the website says it is activated, but I only get the 1 channel.

And it doesn't work at work, argh. Ah well, I can just record 5 hours from a station at home and replay that at work.

EDIT: back from lunch, so corrected the image and added verbage.

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