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Cut Me Off, Will Ya?

I played chicken this morning on the way to work, letting the other person decide whether to let me merge or hit me. It was refreshing, especially when they backed off and let me merge. I needed something to pick me up this morning. I slept poorly, to say the least.

Back at work, joy. I can't say as I've missed this place. But, hey... If I have to be employed, at least I am, and in a fairly cushy position.

Yesterday's highlights included a few episodes of Pimp My Ride, some 301 on the new dartboard, chicken and rice for lunch/dinner, and venturing forth to Culver's for the trial of a Butterfinger malt. Verdict is no on that one, thanks. Stick to shakes, please.

I spoke with Haha and RedneckNinja briefly, but I was in a mood that really didn't involve much chatting. LittleLove did their best to help me through the day.

LittleLove stayed up all night playing Paper Mario, but will hopefully get up in time to go to the PO to pick up their Xmas package from the grandparent. Evidently, it involved food. Oops. We didn't get ANY notice until Fri or Sat, when we got a FINAL notice. Lovely, eh? In other shipping news, my XM MyFi should be arriving today.

Continuing the French trend, we watched Quidam the other day, along with Lord of the Dance. Camerawork and editing were pretty shoddy on both, with far too many cuts and light flares for comfort. Still, the shows themselves involved some pretty impressive stuff.

I don't have my new insurance card yet. Our HR idiots evidently decided we didn't need them immediately. I really want to go to the doc (*GASP*) in order to get a 'prescription' for the new bed. That, and see if I can start on some sort of chiro/massage therapy for my back. I overheard someone at lunch the other day talking about someone who does (what sounded like) accupressure. I may give that a shot, as well.

Um. More. Dammit, I'm still fuzzy.

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