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Morning After

I did quite a bit of running around yesterday. Ended up spending quite a chunk of cash, as well. Among the items purchased were a brsitleboard dartboard, cheap towels for the pets, lamps, and a new bookcase. I may venture forth today for another bookcase, as this one turned out pretty well and we have plenty of stuff to put on shelves. I also got some beer and, on a whim, Sampoernas. I'm liking the market just down the street - they have the make-your-own six-pack, with a large variety of microbrews.

When LittleLove got home, I was informed we were going bowling. LittleLove cleaned up the kitchen and started to cook while I walked the dog. Dinner was excellent. We then took a shower and got ready to leave. The place wasn't too far, but nowhere we'd yet been. Met up with people, bowled, and just hung around for a few hours. They put the video feed of festivities up on the monitors at T-2. I was robbed and had a pin left on what was supposed to be a strike to win a prize. Then we headed off to some horrible restaurant, where I nearly fell asleep. Thankfully, we headed home soon after.

My throat feels awful. Damn cloves. No more.

I'm up because the cats were playing noisily right outside the bedroom, and it woke me up. And, of course, once I'm up.... had to start the morning routine, despite not having more than little over half a night's sleep. I'll head back to bed soon, and probably get up when LittleLove does for work.

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