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I watched Versus last night, finally. Interesting film, to be sure. I think I liked it. Very surreal, and not at all what I was expecting. The fight scenes were very stylized, but decent. The big pain was how awful the swordplay was. The acting and some of the dialogue were kinda overboard cheesy, even when it wasn't quite meant that way. There were also some continuity problems with makeup and various other inconsistencies. Overall, though, enjoyable.

... I'm going to smash that stupid Neuston DVD/Divx player to pieces, or eBay it - whichever comes first ...

We went out shopping last night. I ended up with a nice pair of cheap boots from Wallyworld. We went a few other places, but boots were $$$ and/or uncomfortable and/or fugly. We got some other misc needs like cat food and such, as well.

I've been playing Culdcept a little bit each day. I saw it described as a croos between Monopoly and MTG, which is a fair way to put it. It's a bit simplified, but it has the elements of each. Kinda fun, now that I got the hang of it. There is an in-game manual of something like 60 pages that tell how to play. Like most manuals, it's nice guidance - but I learn by doing, so... yeah.

I've still got this background annoyance going on. I'm even more irritable than normal, but trying to contain it where possible.

Eh, back to work I suppose.

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