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Hoem Hoem No Teh Rnage

I'm back at work today. Suck.

The place didn't fall apart without me, but... Ugh. I tried to get things done, but things got in the way.

My boss finally came by to chat, much later than I had expected. They must have been busy. They want me to get VPN access so I can 'just check on how tests are going from home.' I told them I would rather not fall into that trap. I see we'll be discussing that more in detail later. I'm going to hold out for a laptop and them paying my cable bill if they want me to telecommute. I'm not doing it for free.

I reread Ender's Game the other night. Good book, but I don't really feel up to tackling any of the others in the series.

The Urbz sucks, with loadtimes even worse than LSL. We tried the 2-player mode, and were completely unimpressed.

I've been in a mood. Not feeling well, etc. I'm hoping it breaks soon.

Talked to RedneckNinja for a bit last night. They got a digicam for xmas, and finally have a lead on a job in the industry they wanted. Hopefully, they'll know more this week.

Looks like LittleLove and I are staying home for NYE. They have to work, and the stuff we know about is too far away. Ah well, I kinda prefer that.


More to say, but blank mind.

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