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Toys and websites

I want one of these... maybe 2.

I've been playing with my websites. I set up some interesting stuff via .htaccess and such. Got a bot trap up and running, with at least one hit so far. I've discovered the joys of having errors emailed to a specific account, so I don't have to manually check logs. I've seen a few tests of the phpbb highlight exploit, but I'm already patched. Custom error pages are working, and a CAPTCHA for getting to the feedback email is working. Oh, and have an offsite website monitor going that will let me know if a site goes down, and when it comes back up - great from going back to the webhost about uptime guarantees. All handy stuff.

No, no real work done.

I played Get On Da Mic. Wow. That is one horrible game. I'm glad I got it for $28 with the mic. I'd feel completely ripped off otherwise, since it lists at $59. The mic alone is $15-20, so that helps. But yeah, as amusing as it is to try to keep up with the timing of Baby Got Back, the game isn't worth it. Ah well, I thought I'd at least give it a shot. I made it through the first course on one character by choosing the shortest song and saying "ba ba ba ba" or "na na na na" through the entire thing.

EyeToy AntiGrav is interesting. Think SSX meets PPP. It's a bit dumbed down, due to the control interface, but it is pretty fun. The #1 issue I have is lighting. The EyeToy wants lots of light to work. Anyone who knows me understands the issue. The #2 issue is sensitivity. It wants a clear blank wall behind you - no movement, no other colors, nothing. You also have to worry about your clothing and make sure it contrasts the background. That said, it's a fun game. We haven't tried Groove, GotM's ET mode, or DDR's ET mode yet... Since we don't have lights near the TV, we can't use it at night.

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