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BlockBuster Online

Blockbuster Online has their new online DVD Rental program now. Free 2 week trial. 2 coupons per month for in-store rentals. $14.99 a month for 3 movies out at a time. No late fees.

Referral from Free iPods. Sign up here first, then use their offer link to sign up at Blockbuster.

First of all, I'm loving the Blockbuster Online service. In my 2 week trial (ending today), I've managed to get about 8 or so movies in - and I have yet to touch the in-store coupons. For $15 per moth, you can probably get about 20 or so movies rented, plus the 2 free in-stores. Great deal if you like movies.

If 5 people use that link and sign up, then I'll report on whether Free iPods is legit.


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