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I had planned on being 'sick' tomorrow.

Guess not.

Fuckers in HR can't do their own fucking paperwork to save their fucking life. I mean, come on people. You're in fucking HR. Granted, you're clueless and useless, but your job is relatively simple - push the fucking paper around. Someone hands you something, you fax it to corporate then file it. Simple. Why the FUCK can't this idiot do that simple task? Sure, they have the professionalism of a rancid peanut and piss off people with their daily lack of email etiquette, but that doesn't directly relate to their job.

Idiot calls me and says 'are you going to be in tomorrow? you coworker thought you were going to be out.' * I reply that I wasn't scheduled to be out or some nonsense. Their comeback was great, 'good, your benefits enrollment got screwed up and we need to fix it tomorrow.' Joy. Instead of sleeping in and having a nice, carefree day at home I get to slog into fucking work again and deal with this cro-magnon directly. Though I did get a jab back in on them, 'while I've got you on the phone, did you ever find my direct deposit form? I'm still getting live checks.'** Typical reply, 'Still!? Oh, umm... er... I'll look into that, then.'

Totemo Totemo Totemo Baka desu yo.

So now I'm annoyed. Not to mention that it's cold outside and we decided to dedicate tonight to going to the store for the Xmas day food. Bah.


* My coworker isn't too bright sometimes, they don't understand the game. If you're going to be sick, you let your immediate coworkers know but you don't give a clue to anyone else, ESPECIALLY HR.

** I put the damn form in on something like day 3 after I started working here. I've asked them off and on over the months, and they keep saying 'well, sometimes it takes a few weeks,' or 'I know I faxed it in, but I'm not sure where my local copy is. I'll look for it.'

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