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Had one of the worst Chinese lunches ever today. Ugh. I crossed the place off twice, it was that horrible.

We watched Mononoke Hime last night. Between it being a DVD and the fact I hadn't watched it on the new TV yet, I was impressed with how beautiful it was. I stopped at the point I always stop at - where the tape ended the first time I saw it. Gotta share the pain.

My back was hurting quite a bit yesterday, and it was a wonderful addition to the neck pain I had been having. I got the other pillow in, and it sucks. I'm going to have to RMA it. It is quite possibly the most uncomfortable pillow I have ever tried. Actually, it is probably the most uncomfortable surface I have ever tried to rest my head to sleep on. And I've used some pretty uncomfortable things before - suicases, laptops, misc item-filled jackets, airport carpet, etc.

It got cold. Around 0oF with a -20oF windchill was the lowest I saw. It was snowing on my way in to work this morning. I thought about calling in sick, but LittleLove swore they'd kick my ass if I did, since they needed to do stuff. Maybe tomorrow.

I burned quite a few DVDs - around 60GB worth. I think I can rearrange file now and clear off the RAID so I can redo it as JBOD.

Hmm, there's more, but I'm still not quite here mentally. Someone called/texted LittleLove's phone last night, which woke me up from a VERY deep sleep, and I tossed and turned for a few hours before drugging myself to sleep. The alarm went off and I really wanted to smash it.

The animals have been alternately cute/cuddly and annoying lately. It's getting a bit cold to be walking the dog, especially with the way the wind whips down the street. The cats keep whining and playing at odd times.

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