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No Pepsi, Eggroll

We went out for lunch the other day to a different Chinese place. It's a hole, really. The kind of place I'm not fond of - cheap plastic chairs at grimy tables, only 4 in the whole place. Huge picture menu up top over the counter - primarily a takeout/delivery place. The menu is okay, I find peanut chicken lunch special and go for it. With white rice. I try to add an eggroll. I'm pretty sure I said eggroll, since that is what I wanted. The cashier goes and gets me a diet coke. I tell them I wanted an eggroll, not a coke. They charge me an extra $1.30 for the eggroll. And the coke. So yeah, I was unimpressed. I mean, if you're going to have a place that deals with English-speaking people then it would behoove you to have an English-speaking person at the counter. You know, your MAIN interface with customers? Yeah.

So the other two order, and we sit and wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, we get our eggrolls. They are steaming hot. That's a nice plus, freshly-cooked eggrolls. Good. Decent ones, but not worth $1.30 each. Then our main dishes come. Nice and hot, in those metal takeout containers I haven't seen any place use since last time I was in Canada. So I dig in. Pretty good flavor, all things considered. It's on chicken fried rice. Anyway, I go ahead and eat it all.

We decided it was a decent place, but the service needs work.


We've been playing the new Larry. It's kind of surreal - we each play a bit when the other isn't home, so we're not sure what all has been done. Last I checked, we were about 3/4 the way through it. It's mildly amusing, but mostly something to do. The mini-games keep getting harder. That wouldn't be so bad if the control response wasn't so horrible. The trampoline and dancing ones are next to impossible due to the controls not responding. No, you know us - we play rhythm games constantly - a minigame of button-pushing to a beat should be cake. Not when the controller can't keep up. Plays DDR just fine, but not Larry. I'll be glad when we beat and shelve it.


An aside to yesterday's 'contribution' post: One of the coworkers has a friend on active duty over there right now, so they forwarded the message to them for an opinion. First response? "Dude, that SUCKS!" So yeah, even the people we're 'helping' think it sucks. They also said their company is continuing to make up the difference in their salary, but they're not stating any such reductions/contributions from the rest of the employees. Their parting line was something along the lines of "Thank you all for your forced patriotism."

I think that really says it all. No, it doesn't. They appreciate the fact that they're getting paid the same as they otherwise would. However, they don't care for the methods - and would probably be righteously angry if it were forced upon them. They also aren't very fond of having patriotism shoved down other people's throats. There, that's all.

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