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Is This Even Legal?

I got this via email this morning from HR. It was sent to all US and Canadian employees.

At XXX our employee force is one team, working together for the benefit of our clients and supporting each other throughout our personal and professional endeavors.

In support of all our XXX employees that are either enlisted or currently serving abroad, we wish to implement a 2005 benefit, to recognize their personal and professional sacrifices that they are making on behalf of all of us. While these individuals are completing their military service, they undergo a financial hardship since often the military pay is less than their XXX salary. To help share the burden and account for the difference between each individual's military and XXX compensation, we will subsidize the lost income for up to 9 months of service. To do this, our annual salary increase amount for 2005 will be adjusted by .141. (For example an increase of 3.0% will now be 2.85% (3.00 - .141 = 2.85). This contribution from all our employees, will help spread this one aspect of our military staff's personal sacrifice amongst the rest of us, who benefit from their endeavors.

Thank you in advance for your show of support as we band together and reinforce the solidarity that maintains our great nation, and more importantly, to show support for our XXX team members. If you have any further questions regarding your contribution, please contact me at extension xxxx.

I have a large issue with this. If it were voluntary, that would be different. But it's not voluntary, it is something the company just decided to do. And you can't really say much about it without looking like an asshole and having the patriot card played on you.

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