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Hibachi De La Sucko

We tried a new to use Japanese place the other night. Bleh. Pretty bad, all things considered. The only decent bit was the Mahi-Mahi.

I took a sick day from work yesterday. We went to McD's for breakfast, and hit the store. LittleLove ended up spending several hours in the kitchen, all told. We set up their new pots n pans, and then they cooked Beef Satay and Beef and Broccoli. The satay was an interesting dish - no peanuts or cucumber at all. It kinda grew on us. The Beef and Broccoli was interesting since all the store's broccoli sucked except for the broccolini, which has a different texture.

I finally watched Six String Samurai. Good enough to own, I think. We started Suicide Club, but LittleLove couldn't get into it. We also tried out the new Leisure Suit Larry game, which is bad... albeit amusing.

I went out the other night and bought some clothes for LittleLove for xmas. They've been opening them a bit a day, which seems to be working well.

I'm liking the Blockbuster online movie rental thing. I've already sent back 3 films, and 2 more have shipped to me. I ended up scoring the Kurosawa films first - I suppose not many people rent those. I'm happy about it, though. I've wanted to see them all for quite some time now.

I just saw The Place I'm Spending All My Time And Money At Next Time I'm in Japan.

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